Who is your “Catalyst”?

Did you get what I meant by Catalyst?

You may consider it as a kick to inspire you for your whole life.

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What influenced you the most? / Inspiration behind your success?

Success is a broad thing to argue upon; its meaning is different to different people.

Irrespective of different faces of success, what according to you is that one thing which inspired you the most to achieve your Life Goals.

1. Are those the circumstances of your Family?

2. Are those remarkable rag-to-rich success stories.

3. Are you one of those who faced rejection and continuously striving for success?

4. Are those vulnerable moments when you want to feel more stronger and a riser?

5. Are those struggles of your parents?

6. Are those aspirations to zeal no matter what.

7. Are those inspirational quotes like “You should never give up”.

8. Are you one of those who think about the future and feel good about that?

9. Is it just your family?

Isn’t so true; people who are very successful have either been born with a diamond spoon or they have that kick to inspire them at one point of their life where they take it by all their heart and mind or they just don’t give up.

They absorb all the realities and go on with their life goals.

I think “ACCEPTANCE” plays a vital role here. When you accept what you have and with all that resources you have to walk with life however with inevitable hard and smart work; you can make it happen.

Example: Michael Jordan is one of the most famous professional stars in the history of international athletics. He was a short-heighted person, because of which he was not selected during the application processes. He also struggled to make over nine thousand shots until he was grown up and began acting like a basketball player, and eventually lost over three hundred games twenty-six times. He was disappointed, but his determination and persistence led his path to prosperity and gave birth to a fantastic success story for people to get inspired.

Do you have any such stories?

I have seen and realised many times that people who are mentally very strong are also those people who are very emotional somewhere in their lives.

After all, a human is the simplest of all creatures with lots of complexities in their lives.

Let’s review what are the views of some of the successful people around the globe and learn what they consider as their inspiration:

Elon Musk : Tesla and SpaceX CEO. Find purpose in something bigger than yourself and think of the impact you want to have.

Jeff Bezos : Executive Chairman of Amazon. Balance moments of productivity with moments when you just let your thoughts wander without a goal — and don’t feel guilty about it.

Oprah Winfrey: An American talk show host, television producer, actress, author, and philanthropist. Be aware of your creative strengths and surround yourself with people who compliment them to stay inspired and motivated.

Sara Blakely: Billionaire entrepreneur. Pay attention to the conditions surrounding your best thinking, and be intentional in terms of recreating them.

Mark Zuckerberg: Chief Executive Officer of Facebook.Don’t wait for inspiration to strike before taking action. Take action in order to discover what inspires you to keep moving.

Arianna Huffington: Media powerhouse. Whether you’re working or doing something for fun, avoid the temptation to multitask and engage with the present moment. You’ll be rewarded with boosts of inspiration sooner or later.

Richard Branson: Virgin founder and Chief Executive Officer. Find your why, get organized, and remain a student of life.



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